Red Umbrella Market Sunday 8th February.

February 07, 2015 Petina Walsh

Red Umbrella Market SPECIALS! Come and see me at the Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa St, Goodwood SA 5034, Sunday 8th February, 10am-3pm for the following specials;
Insect Repellent Lotion $12.00 (normally $15.00)
Insect Repellent Spray $10.00 (normally $12.00)
Kakadu Plum Moisturiser $15.00 (normally $18.00)
Charcoal & Tumeric Toothpaste $10.00 (normally $12.00)
Vitamin C Face Scrub $10.00 (normally $12.00)
Whipped Body Butter 150 ml $10.00 (normally $12.00)
A great way to save on postage also!


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