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Being. A design code for life.

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Life sometimes hurtles enormous challenges our way - big things that need much more than a ‘to-do list’ to get through. 

Yet, there is a small space between a happening and our response, in which we get to choose how to be.

Being. is a tool for individuals, families and teams to choose how to be in the world.

Being. includes simple instructions and 50 prompt cards.

Being prompt cards let you hand select a unique combination of cards to determine how to be in a situation. Carry them with you and redraw a new selection of cards when confronted with a new challenging situation.


We live in disruptive and ambiguous times, where change is possibly the only certainty.

Change is often overwhelming and threatening, which for some causes fear leading to despair and frustration - sometimes expressed inwardly as anxiety or depression or outwardly as either inaction and disengagement or aggression and violence. Never in human history has there been a more important time to know how to navigate uncertainty effectively.

‘Being. A design code for life.’ translates ambiguity into curiosity and uncertainty into wonder. It helps to cultivate a disposition for the best possible human life in this wondrous place.

It is the closest we can possibly get to free will.


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