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Moroccan Solid Perfume Blocks

Moroccan Solid Perfume Blocks

Moroccan Solid Perfume Blocks 

Made from natural resins of sandalwood, amber and musk. Simply rub them against your wrists or behind your ear for a chemical and package free, heavenly smelling perfume that lasts all day. 

Other ways to use..

💚 Crumble a small amount and place in a bowl for room fragrance that lasts months. 

💚 Crumble a small amount into a muslin bag and hang it in your wardrobe or place in your drawer. 

💚 Sprinkle into a candle burner.

💚 Leave a little in your car for an incredible, non- toxic car freshener. 

💚 Place in a caravans to prevent the musty smells between visits. 


NOTE : This is an imported product by @morocco_by_mish and not handmade by me.