Flower Essence Therapy for Fertility

Flower Essence Therapy for Fertility - OmMade Organic Skincare

Combine She Oak [Australian Bush Flower Essence] with OmMade Aphrodisiac Body Butter to help with Infertility, hormone imbalance, and PMS. Especially designed for women who have trouble getting pregnant for no apparent reason. Also helpful for menopause symptoms. 

An Australian Native Flower - Made on an Aboriginal Sacred Site - Blue Mountains National Park, Katoomba, NSW
The major function of the She Oak remedy is related to the emotional factors inhibiting fertility. This essence is made using the female flower of the She Oak. It will benefit women who for no apparent physical reason are unable to fall pregnant.

She Oak has the ability to clear any conscious or unconscious emotional blocks that may be stopping a woman from conceiving. Feelings of inadequacy or a lack of self-confidence may prevent conception. A woman may doubt her ability to create a baby. She may be worried about how she will cope with pregnancy and child-rearing or about the financial strain of bringing up a child.

From a naturopathic point of view, many cases of female infertility are due to a dehydration of the uterus, and the She Oak essence can correct this problem by allowing proper absorption of water within the body, and thus also restricting aging of the skin. It may also be useful for fluid retention associated with the menstrual cycle. It can also help clear mucus blockages of the Fallopian tubes and create normal healthy cervical mucus.

In addition, it can regulate the production of reproductive hormones in women, especially where the ovaries are functioning spasmodically, resulting in an irregular menstrual cycle. It also aids in regulating hormones during pregnancy. In many cases it will balance the testes in men.

She Oak can help to balance and regulate any mood swings associated with pre-menstrual tension.

She Oak can be very useful for women at menopause, as it balances and regulates the hormonal fluctuations. It has the ability to provide the body with the option of taking up oestrogen and progesterone precursors.

In Brazil and Switzerland She Oak is successfully being used as an alternative to HRT without the increased risk of breast and cervical cancer or of elevating cholesterol levels. Because of She Oak's hydrating action it can maintain moist vaginal secretions so that sex does not become painful, whilst at the same time slowing the aging process by keeping all the cells hydrated. Its balancing effect on the ovaries can enable the individual to maintain high enough oestrogen levels so that osteoporosis is not an issue. She Oak even can make women feel more feminine within themselves.

She Oak is useful when flying to alleviate symptoms of dehydration and for counteracting the effect pressurised cabins have on a woman's hormonal balance. It is common for women flight attendants to suffer from mid-cycle bleeding and to have difficulty conceiving whilst regularly flying; even up to a year after they stop flying.

I release all emotional blocks preventing conception
I am becoming more and more confident about my ability to create
I am balanced in all aspects of my BE-ING as a woman

Information from "Australian Bush Flower Essences" by Ian White

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