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A Little Spring Cleansing

September 24, 2018 Petina Walsh

Spring has sprung and it’s a great time to clean out the wardrobe, spruce up the house and restock your skincare products. When the sun comes out, it’s a great opportunity to clear the clutter and replenish the energy stocks, but how do you do it without contributing to our country’s great waste problem?
Here’s some tips for spring cleaning with a social conscience:
Weed the wardrobe
Holding on to clothes ‘just in case’ you might wear them again is not the best philosophy and is likely to make you feel bad every time you look at that skirt you used to fit into, or that jacket you’ve kept for a special occasion since 2013.
It’s time to weed the wardrobe and get rid of the old tomake room for the new.
Being socially responsible is important when it comes to clearing your clothes, so donating your clothes to charityis a great way to get rid of your old stuff and make a positive contribution.
Another fun way of clearing out your wardrobe and getting a new look is to organise a clothing swap with friends.
This way, you’re reducing waste, scoring some new threads and catching up with friends at the same time.
Clear the clutter and clean the chaos
A spring clean is very useful for getting rid of all the stuff that stacks up over winter when it’s too cold to do anything about it.
Whether it’s cleaning out cupboards, uncluttering the garage or scrubbing the oven and fridge, using environmentally friendly products is a must.
Your lungs and your skin will thank you and so will the sea life and wildlife that are suffering from the world’s usage of damaging cleaning products.
Consider repurposing and donating your things when you’re clearing out the chaos so it doesn’t end up in landfill.
Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure and that old sink you are chucking out might be someone’s next artistic project.
And if you are updating household goodies, consider going green with reusable products like WRAPPAinstead of plastic wrap.
Restock your face and body products
Your skin deserves a spring cleanse, so grab some new products for your daily routine from OmMade Organic Skincare.
OmMade’s range of organic products that are good for the environment and great for you, so you’re doing the right thing all round!
A Shimmering Spearmint Lip Balm will give you a fresh new look for Spring and an Aphrodisiac Body Butter will have you feeling sexy all over.
Protect yourself against the sun with OmMade’s vegan Sun Protection Lotion and keep the bugs and the chemicals away with a natural insect repellent.
And remember, you can reuse, refill and recycle OmMade products, which reduces waste and saves you money.
Find OmMade products online or in store in Adelaide or one of the many stockists worldwide and get spring cleansing today.


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