The Surprising Ingredient in Our Revamped Charcoal Face Mask

The Surprising Ingredient in Our Revamped Charcoal Face Mask

The Surprising Skin Benefits of Hops Extract

Hops are most well-known for being one of the key ingredients that gives beer its distinct bitter flavor. However, this unassuming plant offers much more than just brewing benefits. The extract derived from hops flowers is packed with compounds that can work wonders for your skin.

What is Hops Extract?

Hops extract is a concentrated liquid made by extracting the valuable acids, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals from the cone-shaped hops flowers of the Humulus lupulus plant. The most abundant and researched components are the alpha and beta acids, which are responsible for many of hops' remarkable properties.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects One of the biggest advantages of using hops extract in skincare is its ability to reduce inflammation. The alpha and beta acids have been shown in studies to inhibit inflammatory pathways and enzymes that contribute to conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and general skin irritation.

Antimicrobial Protection Hops also contain antimicrobial compounds that can help keep harmful bacteria and fungi at bay. The lupulone in hops beta acids has been found to have an inhibitory effect on several strains of acne-causing bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes. This can help prevent future breakouts.

Antioxidant Defense In addition to the bitter acids, hops are a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants like xanthohumol. Antioxidants help neutralise free radicals produced by environmental stressors like UV radiation and pollution, which can lead to premature skin aging and damage. The antioxidant effects of hops may help protect skin cells.

Sebum-Regulating Effects Excess sebum production can clog pores and lead to oily skin and acne flare-ups. Interestingly, research shows that the oxidation products of hops beta acids appear to have a regulating effect on sebum production, helping to control oiliness.

And get this - hops doesn't just benefit your skin, it can actually help keep your skincare products fresher for longer too! The antimicrobial properties of those bitter acids make hops extract an excellent all-natural preservative, especially for water-based formulas like the OmMade Charcoal Face Mask with Hops, Oregano & Frankincense. Using hops helps prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and other nasties that can break down products over time. So you get all the skin-enhancing power of hops while extending the shelf life - it's a total win-win! No need for harsh synthetic preservatives when you've got the mighty hops flower working its magic to keep your mask fresher and more effective. It's just another reason to hop on the hops skincare train.

Talk about a multi-tasker!

Seriously, is there anything this superhero botanical can't do? From calming inflammation and fighting bacteria, to protecting against wrinkle-causing free radicals and mattifying oily complexions - hops extract is a total skin-saver.

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