What is Activated Charcoal?

What is Activated Charcoal? - OmMade Organic Skincare
How does Activated Charcoal Whiten Teeth?
Activated Charcoal works by trapping and binding chemicals and toxins in its porous surface which contain millions of tiny pores. This is known as adsorption.
The pores of activated charcoal powder have a negative electric charge. This causes the positively charged toxins and gas to bond with it.

How and Why is Charcoal Steam Activated?
Steam Activating charcoal maximises the surface area of the charcoal by increasing the pores. This occurs when the carbon is heated at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Typically 3 kg of raw charcoal will produce 1 kg of activated charcoal.
What is the Difference between Adsorption and Absorption?
1. Absorption happens when atoms pass through or enter a bulky material like sponges.
2. Adsorption happens when the atoms settle or accumulate on the surface of a material.
Each tiny particle of charcoal is millions of microscopic spaces that give it a massive surface area. One gram of charcoal has the surface area of 500 m2. That’s about half a standard house block! It’s no wonder Activated Charcoal is such a great adsorber and is excellent at whitening teeth NATURALLY!

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