OmMade Meet the Maker

In SA, OmMade Organic Skincare is stocked exclusively with OmMade Meet the and Adelaide Airport. Find OmMade Meet the Maker in 4 Convenient locations!
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Tina Walsh from OmMade Organic Skincare had a vision - to create a shop front similar to a department store but with a slight twist... to feature the finest makers and curators who are passionate about local and ethically sourced products.

In October 2018, Tina opened the doors to the first collaboration store in Adelaide's Central Market where each maker shared the space and time in the shop.

Since then OmMade Meet the Maker has grown from a team of 9 small businesses to 29 across four popular retail locations across Adelaide.

This unique retail concept not only makes it easy to support small, family owned businesses, but you can also meet the makers behind each product and build a direct relationship with their brand.

Find OmMade Meet the Maker in Westfield Marion, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, Westfield West Lakes and Rundle Place.  
If you’re an Adelaide creator or curator and would love to be involved in OmMade Meet the Maker click here to apply.