Embrace the Chill: How to Care for Sensitive Skin as Seasons Change.

Embrace the Chill: How to Care for Sensitive Skin as Seasons Change.

As we head into cooler weather, we swap sandals, Summer dresses, and swimsuits for cosy knitwear, chunky scarves, and stylish boots. Sure, our wardrobe goes through an overhaul, but how many of us reassess our skincare routine to meet its needs with the change of weather?

While the crisp autumn air settles in and the chill of winter approaches, our skin can often become more sensitive and require a little more love, care and attention. This sensitivity often stems from an impaired skin barrier, which allows irritants to penetrate and trigger inflammation, and environmental factors like temperature changes and harsh winds during cooler months can exacerbate the symptoms.

However, sensitive skin isn't just a fleeting discomfort that only appears with the change of season. It can be a daily struggle for many, characterised by dryness, tightness, itching, burning, and irritation, which can show up when using products with highly active ingredients, preservatives, or synthetic fragrances. 

At OmMade, we empathise with the challenges of sensitive skin, and that’s why each of our organic skincare products is meticulously crafted to provide comfort, relief, and support to those with sensitive skin all year round.

In this blog, explore our essential do’s and don’ts for managing sensitive skin during the seasonal change and uncover our must-have products that should be in every sensitive skincare arsenal all year round.



  1. Replenishing cleansing ritual

    Embrace our OmMade Facial Cleansing Oil, a gentle yet effective blend enriched with lavender, geranium and ylang-ylang. Massage onto dry skin for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then remove with a warm, damp cloth for a soothing cleanse without stripping essential oils. Use morning and night.

    Steer clear of detergent cleansers and avoid using hot water when cleansing, which can further compromise your skin's barrier and lead to irritation.

    2. Gentle exfoliation

    Remember to gently exfoliate your skin 2-3 times weekly after cleansing to remove any surface dryness. Our Vitamin C Face Scrub is like a hydrating antioxidant boost for the skin, containing cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, vitamin C powder, and sweet orange essential oil. Using ½ to 1 teaspoon, massage into the skin for approximately 1 minute before washing off with a warm face cloth. 

    Avoid over-exfoliating or using a scrub that feels rough or coarse on the skin. Using an exfoliator more than 2-3 times per week can cause the skin to react and flare up sensitivities.

    3. Soothing toner magic

    Spritz on our Chamomile Toner with Sandalwood and Geranium after cleansing/exfoliating to help soothe, calm and support your skin's sensitivities. Use it morning and night for a refreshing hydration boost for the skin.

    Toners with alcohol and synthetic additives can disrupt your skin's equilibrium and trigger sensitivity, so we recommend avoiding these to minimise skin reactions.

    4. Restorative serum 


    Revitalise your skin with our Hemp Seed Face Serum, featuring hemp seed, red raspberry, Kakadu plum, and carrot seed oils which provide essential nutrients that protect and soothe the skin. Perfect for those with redness, eczema, or acne-prone skin, apply a few drops in the morning and night before your moisturiser. 

    Avoid serums with alcohol, fragrances and synthetic ingredients, as these can cause further sensitivities or reactions in the skin. 

    5. Nourishing moisturisation

    Reach for our Hemp Seed Face Moisturiser, a hydrating gem infused with stacks of botanical goodness to fortify your skin's lipid barrier and keep dryness at bay. It includes hemp seed oil, unrefined shea butter, raspberry and Kakadu plum seed oils. 

    Also, remember to gently dab on our Australian Natives Eye Serum—containing Kakadu plum, snowflower and sandalwood seed oils, designed to soothe and hydrate the delicate eye area. 

    It’s important to apply face moisturiser and eye serum morning and night all year round, but it should be a priority during the cooler months when the skin can lack moisture and feel tight and dry. This will help hydrate and nourish the skin.

    Avoid choosing moisturisers with synthetic ingredients or fragrances that may trigger skin reactions and cause flare-ups.

    6. Your body is your temple

    Remember to include your body in your skincare routine, because it too can suffer from sensitivities and needs products that nurture and nourish. Our Calendula Soothing Balm with lavender and zinc soothes irritated skin, aids in healing scars and supports skin regeneration and protection. Alternatively, you can choose our Magnesium Body Butter with shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil, ylang-ylang and patchouli essential ois.

    When it comes to skincare, it’s important not to forget the body. Even though it might be covered up with a sweater and a comfy pair of trackie pants, it still deserves some extra TLC during the cooler seasons.


    • Prioritise gentle, botanical-based skincare free from harsh detergents and chemicals.
    • Look for products rich in organic, natural ingredients that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support your skin's barrier.
    • Steer clear of alcohol, fragrances, and synthetic additives that trigger sensitivity.
    • Embrace a consistent skincare regime tailored to your skin's unique needs.
    • Stay mindful of environmental factors that can impact your skin, and assess and adjust your skincare routine daily based on how it looks and feels. 

    Remember, your skin deserves kindness and care, especially during seasonal transitions. Explore our entire range of natural, organic skincare at OmMade, which is particularly perfect for those with sensitive skin but designed for all skin types. If you’re looking for all the essentials in one convenient pack, check out our Sensitive Skin Face Pack.

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