OmMade Organic Skincare: Ultra-Concentrated, Preservative-Free Formulas

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Checked The Ingredients List Lately? OmMade Organic Skincare Has

Like many conscious consumers, I diligently read ingredient labels on food products to make healthier choices for myself and my family. But it wasn't until I started scrutinising the personal care products, I was using that I realised how prevalent "greenwashing" is in the skincare industry. Product after product touted buzzwords like "pure", "natural", and "botanical", yet their ingredients lists told a different story altogether - one filled with synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, and fillers.

It was this realisation that spurred me to develop OmMade Organic Skincare. I was determined to create a truly natural, high-performance skincare line without any questionable additives or misleading claims. A brand that delivers on its promise of pure, potent formulations.

Here's why OmMade stands apart from conventional skincare options and how we're revolutionising the way people nourish their skin.

The 80/20 Rule We Should All Know About

Did you know that virtually all skincare products are comprised of around 80% water? The remaining 20% is a mix of beneficial ingredients and synthetic compounds like preservatives and emulsifiers. While these latter additives help stabilise the formula, they offer zero benefits for your skin and may even cause irritation over time.

Waste Less, Buy Less

OmMade's innovative concentrated formulas buck this industry norm with water-free, anhydrous blends. This allows us to pack in far higher doses of hydrating and healing botanical extracts while leaving out synthetic preservatives entirely. Not only are our products more potent and effective, but they last much longer compared to water-based options. With OmMade, you get more efficacy with less packaging and product waste. 

Preservative-Free Means Self-Preserving

How do our formulas retain their freshness without traditional preservatives? The answer is simple - without any water content, there is no risk of microbial growth. This allows the raw botanicals and skin-nurturing oils to retain their full potency and nutritional value until you've used up the very last drop. No degradation, no loss of product integrity.

Undiluted Goodness

On average, OmMade's formulas are 5 times more concentrated than conventional skincare products. This means you only need to use one-fifth of the amount to get the same level of hydrating, anti-aging benefits. A pea-sized amount is typically enough to moisturise your entire face and neck. So our products don't just deliver better results, but they last significantly longer per gram too.

By choosing OmMade's ultra-concentrated, water-free, preservative-free formulas, you're adopting a more sustainable, high-performance skincare regimen. One that gives you visible results while reducing waste. Isn't that what we all want - effective, clean skincare that's also environmentally friendly and backed by full ingredient transparency?

Check out our range and experience the OmMade difference for yourself!  



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