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Australian Natives Eye Serum 10ml | Vegan | Refillable

Australian Natives Eye Serum 10ml | Vegan | Refillable

A luxurious eye serum combining three wildcrafted native Australian seed oils that are effective at reducing pigmentation, increasing collagen production, protecting and soothing the delicate eye area.

Australian sandalwood seed oil targets the reduction in fine lines, improves skin tone, increases dermal strength and improves hydration.

Kakadu seed oil provides a high level anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action and promotes metabolic function.

Snowflower seed oil is high in Vitamin C and catechins which are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

INGREDIENTS: Kakadu seed oil, snowflower seed oil, sandalwood seed oil.

DIRECTIONS: Gently roll serum under eye area after cleansing to cool, soothe and moisturise the delicate eye area.